Xiaomi Mab: what is it?

In early 2017, many users of Xiaomi smartphones based on MIUI firmware began to detect the Mab application, which could be downloaded along with the next software update. There is little information on it, but we found out something.

First assumption: Mab is a service that is directly related to the Mi account application (authentication, login, Mi account passport, etc.). Service activity is noticed as soon as a user launches the MIUI Forum proprietary application. Another thing is of interest: users who froze this process did not notice any problems with using the MI account.

There is another opinion – Mab is responsible for identifying purchases through an MI account.

How to remove Mab in Xiaomi?

Now the question is – is it worth deleting, disabling or freezing this service? Users who deleted it write that after connecting to the Internet, files are downloaded and the Mab service starts again. Surely it does not carry any danger in itself, but if you really want to get rid of it, the optimal solution is to freeze the service using Titanium Backup.

The application is available on the Play Market, but remember that it requires root privileges to work.