Xiaomi second space: what is it, how to enable and disable it?

When updating MIUI firmware, new features often appear that turn out to be very, very interesting. One of these functions is called “Second Space”. Of course, users began to ask what it is?

The second space is a feature that allows you to create a second workspace on your smartphone. The second workspace can be configured, installed applications in it, add contacts, etc. In short, it can be used as a standalone device. For what? The reasons may be different. For example, in this way you can limit the functionality of the smartphone and give it to the child so that he can only launch applications and games pre-installed in the second space.

How to create a second space?

It’s simple. Go to the settings menu.

Find the Second Space section.

Here you will see the “Enable second space” button, on which you need to tap.

Its creation may take some time, as a rule, no more than 5-10 seconds. after that the button “Go to the second space” will appear.

In some cases, the transition is automatic. Be that as it may, this is what the second space looks like. The transition between spaces is carried out using the “Transition” button (highlighted by a red arrow in the screenshot).

By clicking on the “Management” button you can set a password, transfer files from one space to another, etc..

How to remove a second space?

Disabling the second space on Xiaomi is easy. First, go to the first space using the Transition button.

Go back to your smartphone’s settings and find the “Second Space” section.

At the top of the window there is a small basket icon, click on it.

Confirm the deletion of the second space. And remember that when you delete it, all data will be lost (like installed applications, etc.).